The Brain is Like Your Computer

The subconscious mind never switches off, continually receiving information, beginning, some believe while still in the womb. Like a computer receiving programming instructions 24/7, the subconscious is bombarded by information always. Like a computer, collecting data to program the most personal responses that control our lives. Like a computer, the subconscious mind does not automatically decide what to keep and what to toss out. Positive or negative, good or bad; instead, it merely collects and organizes data for later use. If a person is abused, starved of love, and treated poorly, they will likely grow to have some of the same traits they experienced growing up. The same goes for a person raised with love, support, patience, and kindness; they have been programmed to act and respond to relationships and situations as they were programmed.

That most personal computer system that runs every function in our bodies works day in and day out, we live life and don’t give it much thought, just like our desktop computer or laptop. But ask this question; Would you knowingly load a virus into your desktop computer?  

Negative thoughts, beliefs, and bad habits to the subconscious mind are like computer viruses that can keep our system from running optimally or, in some cases, doing real-world damage to our lives if allowed to go unchecked. There are tools we use to can get rid of the wrong data and replace it with whatever we choose once we realize that we have a choice.  

The excellent news for us as Users is like a computer collecting data 24/7, the subconscious mind never shuts down and is susceptible to input. Need more focused, patience, eat healthier, stop procrastinating? We all know things about ourselves we’d like to change, improve, or altogether make go away. LifeSync Audio Affirmations reprogram the subconscious with positive messaging, these positive thoughts can become beliefs, and over time can become a reality.  

Download free affirmations today and follow the guide to get the most out of your daily investment in yourself.  

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