Thoughts of Mother Gaia

When the last human falls, I will sigh and begin again. I tried, but now it’s too late. Undoing this mess will take some time.

For many years we live in harmony; I gave everything in love. They took only what they needed in respect, and we were happy.

Then I became a possession – a thing to have, to be taken for granted. My warnings they ignored, my voice drowned out by the selfish action and apathetic inaction. The more I gave, the more I was neglected, abused, poisoned… raped.

Many tried to help as hope’s last voice faded – drowned by wants instead of needs – dowsed in absolutes instead of compromise and no regard for consequence.

I grew sick, shriveled, and ugly, my body gave up, and I could no longer heal myself; with nothing left to give, all I can do is wait for their end.

Of my children, none were more precious, given so much, and had the boundless potential for beauty. When the last human falls, I will heal. I will try again; maybe this time, I will give my trees a brain and leave it at that.

~ Rudolph Salbein

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